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Not Outcome-based

Outcome-based training obsesses on the results to the extent it could hinder you from achieving those results you’ve trained so hard to achieve.

Stronger for Longer

Your workouts shouldn’t grind you into dust; they should be tweaking and improving your combat chassis. CST helps you stay in the fight over the long haul.

Omni-directional, All the time

CST will show you how to work in all planes of motion and prevent you from developing weak links in your combat chassis.

= Force Multiplier
  • CST will help you become a better asset to yourself, your unit, your department, and your family.


About Combat Strength Training

When it comes to weight training, working body parts is virtually an anachronism. Isolated
training of the muscle group can actually be weakening the muscle group, because it needs
to be used in a functional fashion. If you are still working body parts, you are probably one
of three people: 1) you are a body builder; 2) you are recovering from injury and are going
through physical therapy; or 3) you have no idea what you are doing.

Through mentoring and education, I got away from the nonsense of “pretty” muscle building
and started a performance-based training regime around fifteen years ago. The difference
between performance-based training and outcome-based training is that I am allowed to
work within my capability level. Outcome states how many, how much, how fast. Performance
states how well. If we work this way, we can work with what we are given.
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“The probability of achieving the outcome you desire will increase once you let go of the need to have it.”

  • I'll say that Pat's method is genius. I particularly liked the Proprioception exercises, in that I know I have never focused on developing visual acuity or coordination as a part of my workout routines. The best part about the CST workouts are that they cover all of the bases and only take roughly 25 minutes to complete.

  • My buddy Pat McNamara at TMACS, Inc. offers a great functional fitness class in addition to his firearms and tactics classes. For a military or LE guy wondering what direction to go to improve, that’s a great place to start or refine you current routine. He’s a beast, and is proof that after destroying your body for over two decades, getting older, and getting opened up by ortho surgeons a bunch of times that you can still crush 20 year-olds in the gym daily if you understand the importance of physical performance and apply yourself accordingly.

    John Canipe
  • Mac is absolutely one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure of training with. I took this strength and conditioning class last year. I decided to put his training principals to work along with a fairly strict new diet or new way to eat...from May to present I have lost 22 pounds (and kept them off!). I have become more agile and quicker. Many of the aches associated with the aging process have lessened over time. His ideas work if you are willing to put the work in.